Monday, July 3, 2017

Jindal Aluminium reports highest ever extrusion production during 2016-17

Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL), the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminium extrusions in India, recorded the highest ever production of aluminium extrusions during 2016-17. The company recorded 83,425 tonnes production during 2016-17 against 80,300 tonnes during 2015-16, as per company release.

The company has 11 aluminium extrusion presses with an installed capacity of 1,28,000 tonnes per year. Jindal’s extrusion products meet India’s 30 per cent of total demand.  It exports extrusion products all over the world. 

Jindal Aluminium’s rolled products division achieved production of 35,670 tonnes during 2016-17 against 31,320 tonnes during the year 2015-16. The company’s rolled products facility has an installed capacity of 50000 TPA.

The company produces aluminium flat rolled products i.e. sheets, coils and chequered sheets and exports around 700 TPM of rolled products to UK, US, Canada, Australia and Middle East. It is being used in the Aviation, Architectural, Transport, Electronics, Defence, Solar, Roofing, Cladding, Insulation, Closure stock, Foils etc. sectors.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jindal Aluminium Plans to Venture into Real Estate Business

Jindal Aluminium, one of India’s largest manufacturers of aluminium extrusions, plans to venture into real estate business to monetise its 360-acre land parcels spread on the outskirts of Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. The company is also scouting for more land to make a success of this strategic initiative, which is being led by its recently-elevated Managing Director Pragun Jindal Khaitan.

In the first phase, Jindal Aluminium is looking to form joint ventures with real estate firms to develop residential projects on its land parcels. It is likely to enter the commercial real estate segment later. “Venturing into real estate business is part of our diversification strategy that will also enable us to monetize our existing land bank built at historical prices,” Khaitan told ET.

“We are looking at developing these land parcels in phases. Over the next 8-10 years, along with these planned developments, we will also be looking to build capability and skill set to take this new vertical further.” Khaitan, who has majored in finance and strategic management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, will also be focusing on organically growing each of the company’s business verticals, including aluminium extrusions, aluminium rolling, renewable energy 

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Pragun Jindal Khaitan, MD of JAL, Bets Big on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Start-up

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest buzzword in the start-up space in India. The AI-based start-up movement in India is at ascent stage. Now,  Pragun Jindal Khaitan, MD of Jindal Aluminium Ltd (JAL), the largest aluminium extruder in India, has spelt out plans to invest in Artificial intelligence (AI) focused start-ups. Following the growing demand on AI based technology, JAL is to set to fund start-ups focussed on developing technologies that automate and improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL) is interested in AI based start-ups that are focussed primarily on two themes: streamlining the manufacturing operations or in helping to improve B2B customer relations; start-ups which can enhance corporate services like HR and auditing/fraud detection. The idea is to invest into a gamut of varied technologies that improve on areas that overlap with JAL’s activities. Through this initiative, JAL aims at deriving synergies by adopting the technologies it invests in, and implementing it across its manufacturing units.

The emergence of technology based start-ups is attributed to the dynamism and the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in India, which offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for investors. There is tremendous scope for deriving benefits from the technology developed by start-ups for the manufacturers in India. JAL is looking to invest upto INR 30 crores, if it deems it an unique investment opportunity.

According to Pragun Jindal, Managing Director, Jindal Aluminium Ltd (JAL), “I think the biggest driving force for conglomerates such as ours to fund start-ups, is the opportunity to be in tune with the latest developments and technologies in India and globally as well.  Ultimately, each conglomerate began its journey as a start-up. Also I strongly believe that manufacturing companies will have to embrace the digital age.  The ones that do not incorporate ‘smart manufacturing’ into their operations, will eventually be competed out of the market.  For us, this is an excellent way to kick start this process. We are evaluating every opportunity that comes to us. However, we have not found anything that has been compelling so far. We are, however, actively searching and will take any opportunity if the nature of the work aligns with ours.”

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Pragun Jindal Khaitan Brings About Social Awareness Through Benevolent Initiative

Pragun Jindal Khaitan, a young entrepreneur with great business expertise, aims to bring about a social awareness in the society, through a dedicated platform that works towards bequeathing the street children with a holistic lifestyle.  He works with several Trusts and NGOs for this, providing specific financial aid and other such support centred to the individual child’s needs. This philanthropic initiative aims to improve the conditions of the poor street children who are victims of child abuse and are often exploited and neglected.

By extending his support to various Trusts and NGOs in this line, Pragun Jindal Khaitan is working towards the betterment of street children by offering them all the essentials to get an education and eventually employment.  Education plays an important role in child’s personality development. Caring and supportive environments during early childhood years greatly increase children’s chances of a successful transition to school and ultimately into the economic mainstream of the society.  Under this altruistic initiative, Pragun Jindal Khaitan strives to offer education aid for these poor street children.

The approach also ensures further enhancing the corridors of education by endowing the street children with basic educational needs like text books, scholarship opportunities, coaching fees, school uniform fees and transportation cost. Through these effort-based educational schemes, he aims at providing opportunities to help them lead a decent standard of living that they have been deprived of. The future plans also incorporate collaborations with professionals like career counsellors in order to shape the overall growth and development of these children.

To further give a boost to their personalities, Pragun Jindal Khaitan also plans to organise regular interactions and informative conversations to give them tremendous exposures to all walks of life.   Pragun Jindal Khaitan also targets to take forward this humble initiative in other cities in the forthcoming years as well thus enhancing the street children’s standard of living in a big and meaningful way.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pragun Jindal Khaitan is MD of Jindal Aluminium

Pragun Jindal Khaitan was appointed as the Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium. SR Jindal will remain as Chairman and will be involved in the activities of the Group. Jindal Aluminium’s first factory was established in 1968, by SR Jindal.
It also recently established aluminium rolling division and is among the largest aluminium extruder with market share of 30 per cent. Over the time, JAL has made large investment in renewable energy since 1997, when it set up the first wind power plant in Karnataka.
With a considerable land bank, JAL has also taken steps to develop a portion of it for monetization. But JAL’s main forte is in aluminium, it being the preferred choice for customers of aluminium products in India and numerous customers globally as well.
Courtesy: The Hindu